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ifff09_kilimanjaroklein1Die musikalische Reintapretation von Stummfilmen ist ihr Spezialgebiet. Das Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble aus den Niederlanden ist eine jener Entdeckungen, die man nicht mehr missen möchte. Sie vereinen ihre auditiven und visuellen Fähigkeiten und erschaffen eine ganz eigene Form visueller Musik. Ein Genre-Mix aus Dub-Jazz und Electronic liegt dem kulturellen Mix der Bandmitglieder zugrunde. Wir trafen die Band bei ihrem Soundcheck im Jazz-Club Domicil und fragten sie nach ihren musikalischen Wurzeln.

Who is behind the Kilimanjaro Jazz Ensemble? Please introduce yourselves.
Jason: My Name is Jason and I play bass and I compose a lot of stuff for the band.
Elko: I’m Elko and I play the guitar.
Charlotte: My name is Charlotte and I sing in the computer and compose sometimes.
Hilary: I’m Hilary and I play trombone.
Jason: Actually we’re six. But it’s flexible, people can come and go whenever they want. We’re the core, we’re the real band.

When did you come together as a group and how?
Jason: It’s a pretty long story, me and Gideon (who is not here today, he’s in America unfortunately), we started with the two of us in 2001 and I bumped into Hilary in 2004 when we were doing this kind of improvisational afternoon and then asked Hilary to come and play with us and afterwards I was playing in France and I bumped into Charlotte and asked her to come and join the band. I know Elko from my hometown and a band he was playing in and so I asked him to join as well. We’re based in the Netherlands but Charlotte lives in Paris and Hilary is originally from London and we have a violinist, who lives in London as well, so we’re pretty international.

How would you describe your style of music? Could you categorise it maybe?
Jason: Well, we’re called ,The Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble‘ and we compare our music to music which would best suit in a David Lynch Film, so I think that probably describes it the best. Maybe we‘re composing ,David-Lynch-Electronic-Jazz-Music‘.

Are there any bands or artists who influence your music?
Jason: Yeah, probably a lot. I think everyone of us has his own influence but not really bands in particular, who influence the sound. We listen to so many styles of music, it‘s pretty hard to pinpoint one certain thing.

And how did you come to the idea to compose music for films?
Jason: When we started originally with the two of us we both did art school for visual media, so Gideon and me both had art school backgrounds and we were working at this multimedia company and in our spare time we wanted to play around with all silent films like ‚Nosferatu‘ and ‚Metropolis‘.
And most of that music had old piano tunes and we thought ‚why don‘t we make new soundtracks for the films‘. Instead of making music where you have the classical way of composing with song structures we take the excitement-level of the build-up of the film to make music. So basically the storyline of a film becomes our way of composing.

Are there any criterias after which you chose films?
Jason: It‘s pretty hard to find suitable films, which fit the sound we want to do. Tonight we‘re playing for a film by the Quay brothers and we really like abstract films and a bit film-noir as well, because they‘re pretty more intense and a bit darker. But there are not a lot of films like that around, so we‘re quite limited to the stuff we have. ‚Institute Benjamenta‘ is the one we like the most.

What can we expect for further projects?
Jason: Well, we‘re working on our second album now, which should be released in September and then hopefully we will be touring at the end of the year. And we have a side-project, which is called the ‚The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation‘, which is the improvised side and we‘re releasing a second live album as well next month, so we‘re always making music and everyone has his own solo-project as well, where they work on.

What can we expect tonight?
Charlotte: Lots of deep feelings inside and what do you expect? (asking the other band members)
Hilary: Normally we‘re six people but today we‘re only four, so there is much more space, which is nice for the film.

Beim heutigen Auftritt im Domicil wird das Ensemble den Soundtrack zum Film ‚Institute Benjamenta‘ der Brüder Quay neu interpretieren. Durch ihre melancholischen Melodien, gehauchten Vocals und traurigen Posaunen schaffen sie eine Atmosphäre, die unter die Haut geht.

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